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Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2017-2020


2020, january
wall paint, wall filler, wood filler, masking tape, paper floor-cover, plastic foil, plaster, work in process,


wall paint,
furniture castor set swivel,
extension cable,
laminated floor, 
ventilation grill




How to: produce an artwork

1. Measure precisely and carefully - using a measuring tape - the desired room / space.
The more accurate your measurements are, the easier it is to finish the work.

2. Clean up and empty the surface of the room.
Make sure you take out everything that might be in the way and that you remove all previous materials from the under-layer.

3. After the surface has been smoothened, you can decide on the pattern for your cover.
Simply lay out your material creating a template, and cut it to size.

4. Once you have your material in the right measurement, you can start applying it.
Make sure you have the compatible adhesive for your material.

5. You can now apply your adhesive on the surface.
Start within the corners of the space and then slowly spread it across the under-layer.

6. Lay your material. As you might have decided on your pattern,
or the way you wish applying the material; start laying it down on the surface.
Make sure to press your material down - using a roller - to stick it well to the adhesive.

This is an essential step for each section you lay, and then again when the work is complete.

7. Observe well the craftsman producing the work.
Once done, -by placing a  title-card -  claim it as an artwork.

2018, October - November


photographic image on paper,

6 x 59.4 × 84.1 cm
2018, october


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